"We appreciate their expertise not only in identifying potential problems, but also offering effective ways to solve them."

-Al Arguedas, Skanska

"Apex Environmental is my number one choice for environmental consulting. I have been especially pleased with the timeliness and thoroughness of their work, and I am encouraged to have found a company run by such highly professional and ethical people."

-Bud Affolter, Howard S. Wright Construction

I have consistently been impressed by the ability of Apex Environmental employees to understand the overall objectives of each project-and help us develop and implement a plan to achieve them. They have been valuable members of our team."

Adam Bonner, Hoffman Construction


Asbestos is a well-recognized health hazard and is highly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Although the EPA has banned the use of many forms of asbestos, it is commonly unknown that asbestos is still utilized in many building products. OSHA estimates that 1.3 million people face significant asbestos exposure on the job. The heaviest exposure occurs in the construction industry particularly during renovation or demolition.

In an effort to avoid accidental exposure to asbestos on the job site, Apex believes in conducting a thorough survey of all suspect materials and training of all contractors that may approach the project. Our staff has more than 50 years of combined experience in asbestos surveys, specification development, the bid process, project management, and training.

Apex has recently developed a unique "paperless" database system for several of our clients. Because the EPA requires frequent asbestos inspections in school buildings, comprehensive records and reports must be kept and stored. Our database provides quick and easy access to the most current information and historical data, without reams of paperwork that must normally be organized and stored. Our EPA-approved system is especially valuable to organizations with multiple facilities.