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-Al Arguedas, Skanska

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-Bud Affolter, Howard S. Wright Construction

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Adam Bonner, Hoffman Construction

Even small quantities of lead can be a serious health concern, especially for children. Lead rarely occurs naturally in water. Contamination usually occurs as a result of corrosion and the reaction between the water and lead parts of the delivery system. Through the early 1900's is was common in many areas of the US to use lead pipes for interior plumbing. Although copper piping eventually replaced lead piping, lead was still frequently utilized for connections.

The effects of low levels of lead toxicity in humans may not always be obvious. Because lead is not noticeable to the taste or smell of the water, testing is the most prudent measure for identification. It is important that water be tested using specific sampling procedures outlined by the EPA. A qualified consultant must then interpret the results to establish a filtering or piping replacement plan.

Apex can perform all facets of water testing. We recently completed a monumental project for the Portland Public School District in a short period of time. In more than 100 schools, each drinking water location was tested for lead and copper. We assisted the school in the selection and placement of filters and re-piping of the containment sources. Upon completion, each drinking fountain (more than 5000) will be re-tested to ensure safe drinking water for the children, teachers, and staff.

Drinking Water