Apex Environmental

Apex Environmental specializes in creating a safe environment for living and working. Our services include consulting, testing, and training regarding a wide range of toxic and hazardous materials. Our clients include construction firms, school districts, government municipalities, and corporations interested in creating a safe and productive workplace. Apex Environmental can also help you protect construction employees and keep your work site safer by providing environmental awareness training. Informational workshops help your employees understand, identify, and safely navigate their work sites.


About Us

Apex Environmental is dedicated to helping our clients solve environmental issues quickly, safely and cost-effectively. We apply our combined knowledge, experience, and uncompromising commitment to excellence for every client, on every project. Since 1997, Apex Environmental has earned a reputation for having a practical understanding of complex regulatory requirements. Our experienced staff is capable of handling the largest and most challenging projects. Yet we are flexible enough to be responsive and work effectively with limited budgets.

Our Commitment

"We appreciate their expertise not only in identifying potential problems, but also offering effective ways to solve them."

-Al Arguedas, Skanska

"Apex Environmental is my number one choice for environmental consulting. I have been especially pleased with the timeliness and thoroughness of their work, and I am encouraged to have found a company run by such highly professional and ethical people."

-Bud Affolter, Howard S. Wright Construction

I have consistently been impressed by the ability of Apex Environmental employees to understand the overall objectives of each project-and help us develop and implement a plan to achieve them. They have been valuable members of our team."

Adam Bonner, Hoffman Construction